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"I take my role in your life very seriously. This is personal for me. I treat you like a member of my family, and I literally lose sleep making sure I help you live the best life possible with the assets you worked so hard to accumulate."

- Josephti Cruz

When the Health of Your Wealth Garden Depends on the Care It Receives

Who You Partner with Matters

We’ve seen firsthand the difference between impersonal and personal planning, the latter leading to drastically improved outcomes. This is why we exist as a boutique, independent firm. You, your family and your wealth deserve attentive care—and a team that intends to be there for you for the rest of your life.

When we partner with clients, we serve them as a legal fiduciary. This means we’re responsible for making recommendations in their best interest. Your needs are at the forefront of our thoughts and actions; we don’t work for commission or for a third party but serve you independently. In this way, we apply our insight to create strategies that align with your values, your needs and your highest outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

We sit on your side of the table.

We believe in taking an educational approach, so you can truly understand your options and gain confidence in making the right decisions for your life and loved ones. 

Your goals and priorities are ahead of ours.

Your best interest is at the heart of all we do. Guided by genuine care for our clients, who we consider to be like family, we are committed to doing right by you.

We don’t believe anyone has all the answers.

This is why we prioritize collaborating with professionals, from estate attorneys to CPA’s, to deliver the best strategies for your goals. 

You’ll receive a comprehensive, custom-designed plan.

From your investments and income to your legacy and protection, we consider every aspect of your financial life and strive to optimize it as an integrated whole. 

A Beautiful Garden Needs the Right Kind of Nurturance to Stay Healthy

So does your financial life

Our goal is to understand you, your circumstances and what you care most about—and develop a unique care plan for you. If our approach sounds like the kind of support you need, we encourage you to see how we can help you.

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