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Josephti Cruz

Josephti Cruz

Josephti Cruz


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Call me “Jo-SEF-tee” or “Jo”

I have a “mom” personality, even before I became a mother to Nyla and Sloane, my daughters. For as long as I can remember, I’ve taken care of my people—to make life simpler and easier for those around me, to be that reassuring, trusted pillar of strength and consistency.  

My life’s goal is simple: nurture and care for my family, my friends, and my clients.

During my last year at UCLA, I was reading the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times when I came across a full-page ad for an Investor’s Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center and convinced my roommates to go with me. The keynote speaker was Chuck Schwab himself. I was hooked.

I graduated with a degree in psychology knowing I would never use it in an official capacity. However, I’m grateful for that education, because it’s so important to listen and understand each and every client. Money is emotional and that’s ok.  

Since then, I’ve worked at many notable firms, including JPMorgan Chase and MorganStanley/Smith Barney, but I hold a soft spot for the combined 16 years that I spent at AllianceBernstein and TIAA.  I owe everything that I know about financial planning, investments and elite client service to the wonderful people I had the honor of learning from at those two firms.

Over two decades later, my business partner and I created the WealthGarden f.s. to elevate our collective knowledge and experience to a higher level. Take wealth management as you know it, and add warmth, ease, efficiency and the latest technology. We’re streamlining our processes so we can spend more quality time with you to do what’s in your best interest—and give you the best opportunity to live your best life.  

I am here to be my clients’ and their loved ones’ trusted partner for the rest of their lives.

Speaking of loved ones, Nyla and Sloane are my mini-me’s and the reason this night owl wakes up early in the morning. They’re my cheerleaders (and guinea pigs) when I stumble through new recipes in the kitchen and attempt to keep my potted garden alive perched on our window sills. We cherish our little adventures together, whether it’s a weekend trip up the coast or to our favorite spot in Hawaii. My mom, who is my rock and pillar of strength, thankfully lives a few miles away and is a constant presence in our lives.  

Some passions: real estate, trying new cuisines locally and abroad, and snowboarding.

I recently concluded a three-year term as a board member of the Academic Accountability and Facilities committees for Equitas Academy, an amazing K-8 community of charter schools in the Pico Union neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

To learn more about Josephti, see our blog, “Ask Josephti Anything.”

Jade Eagles Photo
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Jade Eagles

Jade Eagles

Jade Eagles


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I was born to a high school teacher father and civil servant mother. My sisters and I grew up in a household that always valued helping others. My father dedicated his professional life nurturing his students with the knowledge they would need to succeed in adulthood. On weekends, my mother fed the homeless, and taught English and local customs to newly immigrated families.  

Our family’s passion for community service influenced my decision to join the Royal Australian Navy, where I served for 14 years. Here, I learned the value of teamwork and collaboration, both on and off the field. Influenced by my fellow sailors, I first became interested in personal finance.  My friends and I freely shared best practices in the interest of improving all of our financial futures. It was during this time I began investing in portfolios and purchased my first two homes in my early 20’s.

Over a decade ago, I moved to the United States to start a family and new career. I had a decision to make on what to do in this next chapter of my life. Combining my passion for personal finance and helping others, I joined a team at a major insurance company that focused on air traffic controllers. Here, I saw the positive impact life insurance and annuities could have with families as a financial solution, but also realized it was often misrepresented and misused. Thankfully, my mentor believed in making sure our recommendations always served the client’s best interest.

From there, I gained more experience working with individuals and families during my time at JPMorgan Chase, and most recently at TIAA, where I refined my skills in financial planning. Collaborating with business partners both within and outside of TIAA, I crafted custom solutions for my clients encompassing everything from retirement income needs to planning for future generations.

Now, my business partner and I are taking our collective experience and dedication to helping others to the next level by creating the WealthGarden f.s., where we deliver a higher level service experience to a small client base, for the rest of their lives.

Merrick is my son and #1 travel buddy. We’ve explored the world together, with his first trip at 4 months old. It’s our goal to visit every national park while camping in my renovated 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon. During the summer, we’re beach bums, and in the winter, we’re improving our snowboarding skills. I LOVE to cook elaborate meals and host dinner parties, which I hope to do again soon.

To learn more about Jade, see our blog, “Ask Jade Anything.”

Nurturing Your Dreams

Through Personalized Planning & Collaboration 

Your money affects nearly every part of your life. It can dictate how you spend your time, how you’re able to support your family—and how you feel. So when it comes to figuring out the best way to manage your resources, it makes sense that you want to work with someone who’s willing and able to deeply understand both your concerns and your hopes for the future.

We created the WealthGarden to be able to offer you that kind of experience—one that’s characterized by proactive service, intimate understanding and authentic partnership. 

With our limited client base, we’re not trying to be the biggest firm out there.

 Instead, we’re focused on genuinely collaborating with you to make the best choices for your future and family. Through comprehensive planning, we’ll advocate for your wellbeing today, tomorrow and for all of the years that lie ahead.

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